3 Ways to ease your way back into using Herbal Infusions

3 Ways to ease your way back into using Herbal Infusions

November 10, 2020

With so many states legalizing herbs, more and more people are either indulging in the guilty pleasure for the first time or are revisiting it for the first time in while now that it is regulated. Lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life is the time that you make for yourself, time away from obligation and daily duties. No doubt you have thought of one way to enhance this time, however you are afraid to try it again with others around until you know what effect it will have on you. A fair and understandable approach, you want to know if your special getting high powers still work or if you will have an accidental freak out. Here are some ways for you ease back into CannaKit Infusions and find out if the kids still got it or if it’s just not for you:

  1. Watching a movie or show that you consider a classic

Since you are mixing up your routine, keep the activity and the selection simple. And what is simpler than watching a movie or show that you already know you will love. Doing this will help you keep your guard down and really relax and enjoy the moment. In no time, you find yourself laughing harder to a punchline that you already know is coming. Be careful - time flies when you’re having fun and this can turn into binge watching fast!

2. Try using it just before bed

CannaKit Infusions can be a great way to get to sleep if you have trouble or want to sleep in the next day. While easing into trying herb again, consume 30 minutes to an hour before bed may be best for you. Fall into a deep relaxation and hopefully into a deeper night’s sleep.  Some say they have a hangover the next day, however I really don’t experience it at all. I find that using herbs in some form before bed provides me with a fuller night’s sleep and I wake up ready to tackle the day. Just make sure you set your alarm if you need to wake up early the next day.

3. Take a Bath

Taking a bath is less and less common these days, but who can honestly say they don’t enjoy it when they take the time to do it. Picking up a forgotten book or putting on one of your favorite playlists are perfect times to let your mind wander and get some much-needed relaxation.  

These are ways to ease yourself back into CannaKit Infusions and usage. Most of us need a more relaxed approach especially if it is your first time. In no time, you will be sharing “haha’s” with friends and family with no fear of getting stoned. Please tell us about your experiences and how you like relax with CannaKit Infusions below!

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