Welcome to HomeCannaKit, a practical new product created out of necessity and proven as a useful home solution. Developed as an incredibly easy to use tool, the HomeCannaKit allows users to take pride of ownership in developing infused butters and oils at their desired potency. As an alternative to traditional remedies, our kit will help you to provide health and wellness while utilizing new resources available to most Americans. With your new-found skills, you can execute all your favorite home cooked recipes and try new ones from our website.

Our product was created by testing multiple materials to ensure that we are delivering a high standard of durability, versatility as well as cost-effectiveness due to the quantity of reuse in each kit. HomeCannaKit is not only compact, practical and high-quality, but the ease of use makes this product something anyone can have success utilizing on their very 1st batch. Our customers can make their own herbal infused products at a fraction of the cost of buying elsewhere, while having control of what they put into their body.

Our team is composed of individuals from different walks of life and with varying familiarity of the use and creation of infused butters and oils. What we do have in common is the idea that we always take pride of ownership and continually want to challenge ourselves to solve problems in a cost-effective manner.  What better way to do this than create a kit that you can reuse, has multiple purposes and is easy to use. We want to break the stigma that creating your own herbal infused butter is difficult – anyone can utilize the HomeCannaKit, have fun and produce a high-quality product.