What is the cost of Herbal Infused Butter? (Cost of making your own herbal infused butter vs. cost of purchasing herbal infused butter from a dispensary)

Break down of the cost:

Home CannaKit = $100

A medium grade, 1 Oz of herbs= $110

5 sticks of butter = $10

Total cost (4 sticks of butter) = $220

Cost of 4 sticks of butter from a dispensary: $85 per stick (x4) = $340

Total savings = $120 just in your first batch! $220 each batch thereafter as your CannaKit is reusable!

How many sticks of butter vs. herb ratio?

We recommend using 5 sticks of butter for every 1 Oz of herb. The higher the quality of your herbs, the higher the potency. Just like with any chemical process, you will have a certain amount of burn off. Thus we recommend using 5 sticks of butter and your yield will come out to slightly more than 4 sticks of Herbal Infused Butter.

Can you reuse the cotton bag?

Yes! Every piece in your CannaKit is reusable. In our experience, you can use each bag up to five times.

Can you reuse the herbs?

No. Once the butter has been infused, the herbs are no longer good.

What temperature should I cook butter?

On a conventional stove, keep the heat low as possible, never to exceed 210°F. If you see it start to bubble rapidly or turn brown, then turn it down. It is important to keep it as low and slow as possible.

What temperature should I use with the decarboxylation process?

We recommend heating your oven to 210°F and not to leave your herbs in for more than 1 hour. In our experience through trial and error, this gives the best and most consistent results. But feel free to experiment with the process. This is where the fun comes in and feel free to contact us with and success stories.

What are the laws?

We always want you to refer to your Municipal, State, and Federal laws.  We aim to make sure you comply with all laws and be the most responsible user you can be.