Butter Ratio- Why & How to

Butter Ratio- Why & How to

November 11, 2020

When looking back on my journey into becoming comfortable with herbs, it certainly started out in juvenile excess. Like most, I started out using herbs like Alcohol - when I was having a good time. While making herbal infused butter for the first time, I did not know where to start. I didn't know what the proper ratios were and assumed that adding more meant the merrier and used way too much leading to making a butter so strong you would not need more than a bite of a edible in order to have the full effect. Well, I am now older and wiser and there is a little method to the madness when creating your own CannaKit Infused Butter.

For instance, in California, where recreational herbs is legal, citizens can buy 1 oz of herb at a time. So for our discussion today, that will be the measurement that we use. This will be a description of the process that works best for me. I hope you will add your thoughts to the process below!

First, I assemble all my items. If you have the HomeCannakit, you can follow along step by step. If not, I will also give instructions that will work for you. Start off by setting your oven to 210°F then get the 1 oz of herb that you purchased legally from your local dispensary and grind it up. This can be done in a coffee grinder or your regular grinder you use to roll joints.  

Once your oven is to temperature, spread the ground plant matter into your decarb tray and put the lid on it or use a baking sheet to cover. Set the timer for 60 minutes. Once you have the plant matter baking, you can continue to prep for the next steps. Get the remaining pieces of your HomeCannaKit and any kitchen pot saucepan. The alternative to this is to get a pot, cheese cloth, a colander, and a container.

Once you have 10 minutes left on your timer for the decarb box that is cooking, let 5 sticks of butter melt into your pot. Once the timer goes off, take your plant matter and place it into your 100% cotton bag, or alternatively, right into the butter itself. I leave the lid off and let it simmer on low. Some of the butter will burn off slowly, but that is why we are using 5 sticks for the 4-stick mold. I let the mixture go for about 1 hour, moving the bag or the plant matter around in the butter every 15 minutes or so to keep from burning.

I get my butter mold or container ready, attach my strainer/spout to the pot, take out my cotton bag full of plant matter and pour the butter right into the mold and let it cool. If you have the HomeCannaKit, at this point you’re done! If you do not have this kit, you would line the colander with the cheese cloth, hold it over your container and let the cheesecloth strain out the plant matter. Clean up your mess and that’s it!

Now that you have successfully made your own CannaKit Infused Butter, my recommendation is always that you start out light when adding butter to any recipe. Think about the first few times you tried alcohol and the effect that it had on you. You can always have more, but you cannot have less after you consume it. Your tolerance level will be low at first and a small dose will absolutely have an effect on you. Another thought is that you could always use half CannaKit Infused Butter and half regular butter when making a recipe of choice. I typically buy an instant cookie/brownie/any instant desert pack that calls for butter and follow that recipe. It typically asks for ½ cup or 1 stick of butter and I can make many small cookies to my desired potency.

I know this doesn’t fully highlight our product and its ease of use, however it does show that there is an alternative method for producing CannaKit Infused Butter. However, I feel once you utilize the HomeCannaKit once, you will see that although it is easy to begin with, using our product will allow you to have more consistent results and it is even easier to complete. Also, if you have gotten this far, you already have an idea how it is done and our HomeCannaKit will be perfect for simple, discrete, and compliant home use.  

I hope this helps you and I look forward to reading your comments below.

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