In California Buyer Beware, Compliance Is Not Strictly Enforced

In California Buyer Beware, Compliance Is Not Strictly Enforced

November 03, 2020

I have been a buyer of Medical and “recreational” herb since the early 2000’s and have watched and experienced the growth of the industry as it slowly sheds away the stigmas of the past. Access is a plenty and as the laws take shape, we are all vulnerable to the sellers, those who are in limbo with the state themselves. The laws have been in a state of continuous amendment and those who thought they would have answers to questions concerning their applications for license are still waiting.

What does this mean for the consumer? Unreliable and what seems to be unregulated herb distribution. Take Santa Barbara, Ca for instance. Coastal Distribution LLC has been awarded the coveted retail licenses for the area, however you can go online right now and find many other options to purchase. Now what you purchase is what is concerning to me, are we really getting authentic state regulated herb? In some instances the retailer is choosing to sell herb for a price that seems to good to be true, how are they doing this? Some either choose the most convincing fake items and some are carefree and blatantly break the rules with obvious fakes.

Some of the more convincing ways we purchase fakes are sealed cans. These cans look great and the branding on them looks legit, they are however not real herb products. Why you might ask - well all “real” herb products are not only in childproof containers but also properly labeled. Many of the cans on the market look like fully branded products but hold no testing information, no information around safety, and no justifiable information at all. They are in a cool can and like I said the branding and container work which is why we generally do not take a second look to justify its authenticity.

Now some of the more casual delivery services and retail shops sell their herbs in unregulated containers such as a low tech zip lock bag. The worst I’ve seen was an ounce that was delivered in an envelope with my name and address on it, needless to say I was shocked. As stigmas dissolve it is practices like this that are so casual and backwards that make this new market scary for people who are new to it.

For me, I have purchased herbs in many different circumstances, places and from people from all walks of life. An envelope to me is strange, but imagine someone that may be purchasing what they think is legal for the first time and it gets to their door like that? Trust would be out the door immediately!

Regulation is still taking shape and for the moment consumers have multiple options on how and where to buy. For the moment it is up to us to be educated on what we are purchasing. Please tell us how you feel below!

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