Trying Herbal Infused Butter for the first time

Trying Herbal Infused Butter for the first time

November 10, 2020

Like trying anything for the first time, tying CannaKit Infused Butter will also be something you need to do some research on and make sure that it is right for you. I will be telling you the how’s and why’s I personally use CannaKit Infused Butter, so you can make a more informed decision. First, I want to address the name game when it comes to herbal infused butter. You will see all over the internet, including here, what are the “best” ways to make herbal infused butter?. What we are all really saying is this is the way each individual person has gotten the most consistent results, as there is more than one way to do so.

    With that said, before you get started, you need to consider why you are making it and what your desired effects are. Just like a casual drink when you are out with friends, but not trying to get drunk, you moderate your intake differently. For instance, if you are using CannaKit Infused Butter to help you sleep, you would take a bigger dose than if you were taking an edible before meeting up with friends. Remember, you just be starting out and moderation is key before you find what works for you. Once you have an idea of what you are trying to accomplish, you can try an edible.

    An important learning from my experience is that you can always have more, but once you have had too much you are in for an experience and cannot take any away. Just like alcohol, you are introducing a stimulant into your body and you need to moderate how much you intake. If not, you will have strong effects and you may not like it. So start slow and have more if you need a stronger effect. Unlike alcohol, you will not know immediately if you have had too much as it takes anywhere between 45 and 75 minutes for an edible to have its full effect every time you introduce another dose into your body.

    Now, why do I use CannaKit Infused Butter? I personally have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I tend to take a “big” dose at night in the form of a large cookie. I also use CannaKit Infused Butter when in a variety of social situations. I start with a half cookie and about 90-120 minutes later I will have the other half. I am no longer much of an alcohol drinker, although if the occasion calls for it, I have been known to celebrate with alcohol as well. I find I have more control with Herbs in general and do not consume nearly as many calories. Herbs have been an alternative to alcohol for me for quite some time and I feel more like myself when consuming it rather than when I drink. Just like with alcohol, do not consume edibles and drive or operate any machinery as it is a stimulant and will impair your abilities.

    How I make CannaKit Infused Butter is with my HomeCannaKit and an ounce from my local dispensary. The kit has all the tools I need to make CannaKit Infused Butter efficiently, with almost no mess, and easy clean up.

I hope this answered some of your questions and I look forward to reading your responses below!

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