What Is A Herbal Infused Butter Dosage?

What Is A Herbal Infused Butter Dosage?

November 03, 2020

How to dose your CannaKit infused butter and more importantly yourself, is a loaded question. What part of your herb journey are you on? Have you had herb in any form? And specifically, have you ever ingested herb? Body weight and general size comes into play, similar to alcohol, and when you think about trying herb for the first time you have to expect to have some sensitivity at first as you may have had with alcohol.

The truth is that there is no chart that is going to be spot on for everyone. You will have to experiment with dosages regardless if you make the butter yourself or buy it. This will always be a shot in the dark at first until you know your body and build a tolerance to its effects. Herb dosing, in general, has always been about personal preference. For instance, examining what your desired effects are before you get started is important. Why you might ask? Because you can accomplish most of your desired results with very little.

What I have learned through my experience, is that it is a process to get your desired result consistently. I did, however, learn this the hard way… I needed to start slowly. I would make giant cookies, eating the whole thing and take myself into a very deep sleep. For me, that is not always a bad thing as I do regularly have trouble sleeping, however, everyone is different and needs to think about what result you are trying to achieve before you take an edible. It is crucial to remind yourself that you can always have more, but you can't take away. In a nutshell, just start slow.

My process is to use the HomeCannakit Butter Infusion kit. Simply start by decarbing 1 oz of herbs from my local dispensary in my decarb tray, put it in my 100% cotton bag and let it steep in 5 sticks of melted butter for 1-2 hours on low in a medium pot (flipping the bag every 15 minutes). After the time is up, I remove the bag and use my pot spout to pour it directly into my butter stick molds so I can properly dose my edibles. I use one stick with an instant cookie mix that calls for ½ cup of butter. Mix your ingredients together per the box instructions and/or a homemade recipe from scratch and in turn, you will have made approximately 15-20 cookies. Once again, this is what works for me and I look forward to hearing what works for you.

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