Herbal Infused Grilled Cheese

Herbal Infused Grilled Cheese

October 26, 2020



2 slices of your favorite bread

2 slices of melty cheese (Provolone, Mozzarella, American)

¼ cup of a hard cheese (Parmesan or Romano)

CannaKit Infused Butter

Fresh cracked pepper


Place a skillet over medium/low heat.  

Liberally spread the CannaKit Infused Butter on both sides of bread and put it on the skillet.  

Let one side lightly brown then flip over. Add the melty cheese on the bread.  

Let the cheese start to melt and add cracked pepper to taste.  

Combine the two slices of bread and put half of the hard cheese on the one side and flip it.  

Add more hard cheese to the other side.  

Once you have browned the cheese on both sides, it is ready to serve & enjoy!

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